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With the wide range of our products produced in certified factories and with our 20+ years of experience in the industry, we offer a unique one-stop service in the Airsoft and Toy Guns industry.

- Concept -


We aim to provide fun and affordable airsoft items, including pistols, rifles, ammo and accessories, respecting both security and human standards.

Our official manufacturing site is fully authorized for Airsoft by the Government, and strictly respect the highest safety standards, allowing a socially-responsible production.

Plan Beta pledges a Product Liability Insurance up to US$ 5,000,000 worldwide (including USA and Canada).

Additionally, our marketing service offer our client to enjoy tailor-made products, packaging, branding, shelving. 

Our customers just place the goods in the stores, and enjoy the business.

We do the rest.


Dozens of products are available. We also welcome customer's development 


Products available:

  • Spring pistols and rifles

  • Fixed slide CO2 pistols

  • Electric rifles (polymere gearbox)

  • Ammo

  • Accessories (goggles, targets, holsters, scopes, cameras, etc)

Discover all the products in our catalogue, by clicking on the link bellow.

Airsoft items, BBS, rifles | PlanBeta
Marketing strategy

Our customers can choose from:

  • Plan Beta’s existing brands

  • Tailor made brand, specially designed for the customer

  • Licensed brand

  • Customer's private label.


All our productions are made in government-licensed factory, according to local and national regulations; avoiding erratics supplies and quality issues, shipment delays or cancellations, employees bad treatment and factory foreclosure.

We ship 100% on schedule all year round.

Because we work under the ASTM F2748-08 standards:

our products are the safest within the industry.


Because we are controlled by TUV:

our quality is high and stable.


Because in any human activity, accidents can happen:

Our customers are covered by our Product Liability Insurance in 196 countries (including the USA).


Our 20+ year expertise makes AIRSOFT FOR ALL a unique one-stop shop in our industry:

  • Attractive items for a wide set of final customers

  • Turnkey Plan-O-Grams

  • Reliable supply chain

  • Business tranquility

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