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How to make your videos more real? Like an FPS game...

1. Make sure the I.C.U is well mounted on your gun and tighten the screws if needed. (instructions here)

2. Make sure to keep your gun aiming in front of you constantly.

3. Use slow motion effect when editing your video. It will bring dramatic effect.

The 180º auto-rotation explained

I.C.U 2.0 features built-in software that can detect the device's position. When you invert the camera by 180º, the camera will automatically rotate the image. The camera can be installed underneath the pistol's barrel or on the top rail of a rifle (upside down).

NOTE: if you rotate the device by 180º during video recording, the camera will stop filming and automatically start another file.

If you have a Glock pistol... yes you can attach a TACTICAM I.C.U. to its rail!

Our 2 minute tutorial that says it all about making the I.C.U fit the Glock type rails. So easy!

File storage and playback

I.C.U 2.0HD: connect your computer to the camera using a USB wire and export the data directly.

ICU1: take the SD card out of the camera and plug it to your computer, using a card reader if need be.

The best video editors 

We do recommend the use of a multi-track software, with good editing features. Our favorites are Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro. 

If you work under MacOS, go for After Effects, but if you're on a budget, iMovie is a simple and good solution as well. 

How to make the best use of the TACTICAM I.C.U ?

1. Mount an I.C.U 2.0HD filming frontward + another I.C.U (1.0 or 2.0HD)

filming backward. This will allow you to widen your camera angle.

2. Make sure the camera's optic filming frontward is not in line with the front

sight or you will have it on your footage. 

3. Make sure the camera's optic filming backward is not too close to your

face, otherwise the footage will be blurred. 

4. Use the rubber band to keep the remote close to your thumb.

5. Insert an SD card in each camera, switch them on and make sure the green LED on both is flickering before starting the game. 

6. We recommend you, not to switch off the cameras after actions but keep it recording during the whole game. Never mind, you'll erase the useless films during edition.

7. Keep your gun aiming in front constantly; avoid having it pointed down at the ground or up at the sky.

This will increase the interest of your videos tremendously :)

ICU TACTICAM front filming back filming airsoft camera
Which video stabilizer to optimize your footage?

We recommend Adobe After Effect, which provides the best result and the simplest use. Other softwares such as Deshaker or AviSynth (Plug-in for VirtualDub) can offer great result as well. 

You can also use the feature "video stabilization" of the Youtube video editor when uploading your video online. 

Use color filters

You can customize your footage by adding a colored lens to the I.C.U. It will give a fresh and new style to your videos, allowing you to play with the scenarios. Simply remove the front lens cap, and insert a small piece of colored plastic sheet. Put the cap back in,... VOILA!!

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