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ICU: the lightest and strongest gun camera ever.

  • Instantly clippable on most Picatinny rails (fits pistols and rifles).

  • Ultra light weight (29 grams), does NOT affect the gun's balance.

  • Holster friendly compact shape.

  • Easy operation with thumb control.

  • Impact-proof ABS casing.

  • Weather resistant.

  • Over 1 hour of video recording power (with sound)

  • Unlimited recording thanks to the Recharge & Record function

  • USB Direct Data Upload (cord included)

  • LED indicator for camera's real-time status.

  • Supports all micro-SD card up to 32GB, capable to store over 9 hours of video recording.

  • Video format: 1280*720 (HD720p).

  • Photo format: 5.0 MPixel.

  • Realistic image rendering (no fish eye effect).

TACTICRASH: our own torture workshop

We have created the sturdiest gun camera ever! We don't only say it, we prove it! 

Here is the compilation of what the TACTICAM ICU2 can endure: water, heat, freeze, impact, crushing and more..! 


For more details, each torture workshop's full video is consultable on our Youtube channel here


The most demanding customers have been wanting to verify how true is ICU's reputation of extreme solidity.

See the folks of REDWOLF, one of the world's top airsoft companies, shooting at the camera like maniacs... (sound on better)

They did try their best (or worst?), but the ICU kept working !

Another failed attempt... but it was cute to see them try :) 

They talk about us everywhere...

PlanBeta launches optical telescopes


Plan Beta ICU 2.0 Tacticam Released

by OptimusPrime

To catch an Airsoft Cheater: PlanBeta I.C.U 2.0 HD camera

by RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

I.C.U 2.0 HD camera, PlanBeta

by Mimiy Military Blog

PlanBeta, I.C.U TACTICAM gun camera

by Strikerairsoft

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