The STORAGE CAROUSEL is the ultimate storage solution for your food containers.

45 pieces complete set includes:

- 6 large containers

- 6 medium containers

- 10 small containers

- 22 one-fits-all lids

- 1 storage carousel that rotates and extends out



- The design-patented storage carousel creates tidiness and organization in the kitchen

- Each lid fits all boxes, nomore hopeless search for the right lid

- The lids seal the containers perfectly. No smell in the fridge, perfect food preservation

- The containers are durable: dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe

- The containers are made of safe material only, and they are BPA free

- The containers can also be used for art and craft, bolts, small toys, stationery, etc...



1. Organization

Thanks to the rotating carousel, the stackable boxes and stackable lids are always perfectly organized (vs the usual avalanche of random elements falling out when one opens the cupboard's door)

2. Easy use

The one-fits-all lids are a pleasure to use and a gain of time (vs the annoying time-consuming regular containers for which one never finds the matching lid)

3. Convenience

Compatible with fridge, freezer, microwaves, dishwasher

4. Airtight seal

The 4 sides airseal silicon lock clips allow perfect preservation of food (if one puts a container full of ketchup in a washing machine together with a white t-shirt, the t-shirt will come out immaculate)

5. Versatility

The containers and their carousel can be very useful in other areas of the house: they are perfect to organize tools, art and craft, small toys, stationery etc..)

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