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PLAN BETA appointed sole European distributor by Hong Kong manufacturer G&P

March 1st, 2022

Hong Kong manufacturer G&P and French/Hong Kong trading company PLAN BETA have joined forces to organize and handle the European market for G&P guns.

Both companies' CEOs Sammy LIU and Armen EKMEKDJE have been involved in common business since 2005, but it is the first time such a solid agreement exists.

"A continental deal with an Airsoft manufacturer is very unusual. We are determined to restore G&P's leading position on the European market" said Armen EKMEKDJE.

Beyond handling sales, PLAN BETA has taken an active part in developing and marketing the new European line of rifles called G&P INFINITY, an AR-15 fully modular platform.

G&P INFINITY's first models will be presented this week during the Nuremberg IWA show.

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