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Integrated Camera Unit


I.C.U Tacticam is the first tactical camera ever dedicated to Airsoft. I.C.U is the perfect accessory for the Airsofters who want to keep track of their game.
Featured functions :

1. Versatility

I.C.U can instantly be mounted onto most rifles or pistols without disturbing the shooter's use when other leading products are too heavy, bulky to be suitable for pistols.

Did you know ?

2. Specially designed for shooters

Compact and light, it does not alter the gun's balance and is suitable with both flexible and rigid tactical holsters.

3. User friendly

All functions controlable without having to release your target. The remote switch and the LED indicators will not disturb the user during training or action game. 

The only camera on the market,

fully adaptable on pistols


fitting tactical holsters

27 grams

The weight of the ICU is 27 grams, which makes it the lightest action camera on the market

4. Safety

Sturdy and impact proof structure. No sharp or stabbing part. Does not require to use a mount pole. 

Detailed features:
  • Instantly clippable on most Picatinny rails (pistols and rifles)

  • The lightest action cam on the market (27 grams), does NOT affect the gun's balance.

  • Compact size and shape allow holster fitting.

  • Easy controls thanks to the remote control

  • Impact-proof casing to keep the camera's lens safe.

  • 1 hour+ of video recording power (with sound)

  • Easy recharging through micro-USB port (wire included)

  • 2 LEDs to check camera's status in real-time.

  • Compatible with all micro-SD card (up to 32GB), which can store over 9 hours (indoors) of video recordings (over 6 hours outdoors).

  • Video format: 1280*960 (Ultra VGA).

  • Photo format: 1920*1440 (3.0 MPixel)

  • Sturdy ABS Structure

  • Instruction Manual, USB cord and Rubber Band included

  • Realistic image rendering unlike most cameras on the market (no distorted fish eye effect)

  • Removable lens cap allows the use of color filters (not included)

ICU 1 TACTICAM video inserts
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