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Marketing support

We aim to give our best support to our network's promotional actions and/or events.

Our team is driven to make you get fast sales out, let us know your needs.

TACTICAM displays to promote the products in your stores.

Suits 3 ICU 1 + 3 ICU 2, can include a monitor

1. Displays
2. Goodies

Ask us about TACTICAM stickers, patches, posters, etc...

Classic but always needed leaflet presenting main info at a glance

3. Leaflets
4. Banners

Feeling like having a banner at your place? You won't believe how easy we made this.

5. Videos

We provide a whole set of promotional videos. Always a sales booster.

6. Documents

In case of questions regarding the use of our products, please refer to our download section here, or see more details in the Tips and advice section here.

Additionally feel free to email us ( Our team will be happy to help.

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