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Tacticam Battle Club | PlanBeta
Tacticam Battle Club | PlanBeta
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What is the Tacticam Battle Club ?

TACTICAM BATTLE CLUB is an global alliance created between PlanBeta and Airsoft venues, aiming at enhancing the use of tactical cameras in action shooting games.

Driven by the  social media, the use of cameras has become a major topic in the Airsoft industry.

The Tactical Battle Club is to promote a community of Airsoft enthusiasts and professionals, using Gun POV cams in addition to regular action cams.

Who can join the Tacticam Battle Club?

- If you are an Airsoft venue
- If you think that video has become a trend of the industry
- If you believe in the social media added-value for Airsoft
- If you feel that gun cameras enhance the game
- If you have a shop at your venue

Then you have what it takes to join the

Tacticam Battle Club !

How to join the Tacticam Battle Club?

1 - Meet with our team:​

2 - Place your initial order
... and enjoy 40% in free gift + many other advantages

3 - There is no step 3 ... Welcome!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information
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